About us

The founders Angiolo and Silvano Magrini accompanied today by their respective sons Federico and Damiano

Company’s Description

Magrini Shoe Factory was founded in 1979 in the heart of Tuscany, which has always been the home of handcraft, in a small village called Bassa in the municipality of Cerreto Guidi, in the province of Florence.

Once finished high school and after spending a decade in learning from the wisdom of master shoemakers in the laboratories of the area, the brothers Angiolo and Silvano Magrini (respectively born in 1948 and in 1951), strongly keen on this business, have decided to start their own activity. In the early beginning they used to produce their first shoes for the tiny shops of the province of Florence. Over the years, their creations became more and more appreciated in the sector and all over the world and today they work together with famous international fashion brands.

In addition to the production of hand-made footwear made out with prestigious high quality leather, strictly made in Italy, nowadays Magrini Shoe Factory, thanks to the knowledge of their craft, gained over the years, also offers its advice to design samples for any type of manufacturing aimed to realize men's shoes.

All starts from an inspiration, a simple idea which then turns into the sketches on a sheet of paper, studied in every detail and, in the end, becomes a real work project in order to be transformed into a real pair of shoes.

The over fifty years of experience maturated by the brothers Angiolo and Silvano in the footwear industry accompany today the second generation of the Magrini family, Federico and Damiano (respectively born in 1978 and 1983), the founders' sons, to whom the fathers handed down their traditions, knowledge and culture, making them strongly believe that the Made in Italy and the Excellence of Italian know-how are the strong points of the company and of our country, which has to be more and more appreciated and improved every day.

Magrini Shoe Factory was founded on the belief that only the skilled craftsman is able to create a high quality product that can stand over the years and stand out from all the others in a unique way. So today the new generation, precisely due to this way of thinking, carries on the philosophy of the family. Their strength? The ability to create their own product by keeping alive the most traditional methods of craftsmanship of the past but complemented by high technology cutting-edge, exclusive materials selection, innovative designs and strict quality control both on the raw materials and the finished product.

Magrini footwear are being designed to create a unique and unmistakable style for those who search and want the best of quality, comfort, health and well-being... Just simply the Magrini style entirely dedicated to the art of creating.